Environmental Assessment & Investigation
(TSA, Phase I & Phase II)

Environmental assessments (i.e., TSA & Phase I)  primarily conducts an inquiry designed to identify potential recognized concerns (in TSA Reports) and recognized environmental conditions (in Phase I Reports) in connection with the former and current operations. 

Environmental investigations (i.e., Phase II) primarily evaluates known known and or possible release areas identified by assessments. Soil, soil vapor, and or groundwater samples are collected to analyze for quantitative values of various contaminants. 

Environmental Remediation
(Phase III)

Environmental remediation reports (i.e., Phase III, Work Plan, Remedial Action Plan [RAP]) are completed when site cleanup is necessary. A formal report outlining the in-situ and offsite plan of remediation mostly consisting groundwater and or soil vapor extraction well design/ installation, post monitoring report, etc., which needs to have the approval of local, state, and federal environmental agencies. Additional testing to define the extent of contaminant plume may be required; common testing includes groundwater & soil vapor testing, and  soil assessment.  

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Underground storage tanks (USTs) and in-ground hydraulic hoist removals require closure documentation for proper physical and regulatory closure according to local, state, and federal guidelines. Confirmatory samples may be collected to ensure the removed did not impact the subsurface (i.e., soil and groundwater). 



Environ Phase Consulting Co. (EPC) was established in 1993 by Mr. Jeff J. Lee, as a way to implement the design of underground storage tanks, soil/groundwater treatment systems, as well as providing environmental consulting services. EPC provides clients with a full range of services appropriate for gas stations, dry cleaners, commercial building construction, hazardous waste management, and environmental remediation. 




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